Our Work


With what sounds like a straightforward brief of ‘let’s do this properly’ we set out to radically challenge and reimagine the way in which people think about flooring in their homes. In terms of customer experience, flooring retail has lagged behind other retail sectors for decades.

Most customers’ perception of flooring stores are of overcrowded, dusty warehouses with a bewildering range of choice and price points. The customer feels they lack the knowledge to be in control of the decision making process and the traditional sales person holds all the cards.
Every aspect of the new brand, brand communication and store concept, has been considered in making the customer journey as easy and pleasurable as possible. The aim to bring the transformational effect that flooring has on our homes to the forefront.

The first store opened on Tooting High Street, London, on the 30th of May with rapid national expansion plans for  200 stores.

Two years on and the concept is still being rolled out, the Eightieth store has just opened in Basildon.